Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

FAQsCan I be treated if I have a medical condition?
This will depend on what the condition is. Many treatments can be performed and modified. I will be happy to discuss this with you when you call for an appointment.

FAQsWhy is patch, sensitivity and thermal testing required for certain treatments?
Patch testing is to avoid the possibility if an allergic reaction. Sensitivity and heat testing are are required as certain medical conditions may mean a reduction in sensation causing burning during waxing. If the testing is declined it will be necessary to sign a disclaimer to comply with current insurance policy.

FAQsWill I have an allergic reaction to the products you use?
Allergic reactions very occasionally occur. Immediate treatment and advice will be given if this happens.

FAQsWill my skin improve after a facial?
Your skin will look and feel brighter, softer and rejuvenated after a facial. Regular facials every 4-6 weeks are recommended with advice given on home care in between treatments to maintain the positive effect.

FAQsWhat are the benefits of eyelash perming and tinting?
When performed together the lashes will appear thicker and darker, which emphasises and accentuates the eyes. The need for using eyelash curlers and mascara is minimised. Excellent for holidays, wearers of contact lenses, wearers of glasses, those who like sports or for those do not like wearing make-up.

FAQsIs waxing painful?
Some people experience no pain at all and others find it uncomfortable. if you are worried about experiencing pain, two paracetamol can be taken 45 to 60 minutes before the treatment.

FAQsWhat is the difference between warm and hot wax?
Warm wax can be used to remove hair on most parts of the body and is removed using a fabric strip. Hot wax is used to remove the thicker coarser hair found in the bikini area and underarm. It grips the hairs tightly and is removed when it has cooled and set without the use of a fabric strip.

If you have a specific question which is not answered above, please email vicky@london-eob.co.uk

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